March 2019

Who IS St. Patrick? Great question! He was actually a British born man who was captured by Irish pirates at the age of 16, and spent six years in servitude before escaping back to Britain. He returned to Ireland as a missionary, and used the “shamrock” as a metaphor for the Holy Trinity, when he introduced Christianity to Ireland in the 5th century.  The Shamrock became the Irish national flower.

America started to celebrate the holiday in 1737, in Boston.  We are all very happy to continue the celebration today!

Dr. Goshtasbi and the team wish you a Happy St. Patricks’ Day.  Don’t forget to wear your green!

We also want to thank everyone who participated in the food bank drive! Our patients are awesome.

February 2019

Happy February!!
The Staff and I recently learned that the San Diego Food Bank has had their supplies depleted. Due to the Federal Government shut down, our local military families have had to rely on the food bank. This has always been one of my favorite charities to support, and I am reaching out to you to say that if you would also like to make a donation, please drop it by the office and we will take it with ours.
I also want to thank all of you that made donations to our coat and blanket drive! We have gathered and delivered to our neighbors in need. We really enjoy being a part of the community and reaching out to help wherever we can.
As a “Thank You” to all of our wonderful patients we are offering a “sweetheart of a deal” with a one week, take home professional whitening kit for $35.00. You can buy them for yourself or a loved one.
Happy Valentine Day from all of us at Oasis Dental Arts!
Dr. Goshtasbi and Team

January 2019

To All Of Our Wonderful Patients:
We are having a Coat and Blanket Drive for the homeless and needy in our area. If any of you have coats, blankets, sleeping bags, socks, gently used shoes, to donate (all sizes needed) we would greatly appreciate it! You can drop off these items at the office.
Most of are so blessed. The Staff and I want to reach out to those less fortunate. Thank you for supporting our efforts.
Dr. Goshtasbi and Staff

December 2018

Happy Holidays! Here we are, at the end of another BLESSED YEAR! The Staff and I wanted to try and help those not as blessed this holiday season, and have chose to support the Rady Childrens’ Hospital fund raising efforts.
We would love to have any of our extended dental family who would like to help, to donate through this website. ANY amount is greatly appreciated. Part of our blessings, is having great patients like all of you.
Best wishes for the New Year!
Dr. Goshtasbi and Team

November 2018

The end of the year is when most flexible spending, health savings, and insurance benefits expire and we’d like to give you a friendly reminder that it’s a good time to come in for your dental visit.
Optimize your insurance benefits!
Request an appointment online or call our office to schedule an appointment before the end of the year to take advantage of your insurance benefits.
Request Appointment  (this is a clickable call to action)
Thank you for being a valued member of our dental family. Please give us a call if you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance whatsoever.
Do You Want Whiter Teeth & A Brighter Smile? 
Holiday Happiness Bleaching Offers!
We want you to have your teeth whiter and a brighter smile as you get ready to bite into that Holiday turkey.
For our current patients we are offering
  1. * $350 in office bleaching or $200 take home bleaching kit.
*Restrictions may apply. You must be a candidate for bleaching to qualify. One promotion only per patient. Can not combine offers. Must be 18 years old and above. Offer starts November 5th and extends to December 5th 2018.
Call today (858-271-1010) for your appointment to make sure you show up happy and at your best for the holidays!

October 2018

October is breast cancer awareness month and most of us have been touched by this disease through a family member, friend, or co-worker having been diagnosed. Early detection, regular checkups and self checks are most important.


Through the treatment stages of breast cancer, one of the side effects can be “dry mouth syndrome”. This can dramatically increase your chances of oral health issues and higher decay rates.  In support of our patients who may be dealing this side effect, we would like to offer to these particular patients a free tube of Fluoridex, a prescription strength fluoride toothpaste to help combat the increased risk of decay.


Please know we care, and our positive thoughts and prayers go out to all families battling this disease.


Best Wishes,
Dr. Goshtasbi and Staff