Oral Health

What Not to Put in Your Mouth

It’s true that enamel is one of the hardest substances in the human body, but that doesn’t mean you should put just anything in your mouth. Your teeth were built to withstand years of wear, plus all the bacteria alive inside your mouth. Still, you should be careful with what you got. Dentist all over ...
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Beating Gum Disease

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is one of the most dangerous oral health risks. Often off the radar compared to cavities, missing teeth, or even whitening, one of the most ignored conditions is also the most serious. Gum disease is an inflammatory condition that affects the tissue surrounding teeth. It starts as [link ...
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Bacteria, the Oral Health Edition

Only within the last decade have scientist begun to pay more attention to the bacteria present in our bodies. Known as the “microbiome,” the human body has communities of bacteria that outnumber human cells 10 to 1. Despite being so small, if all our bacteria was collected and placed into a bucket, it would weigh ...
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New Year’s Resolution for a Younger Smile

If you’re like millions of Americans on New Years, than you’ve probably made a lengthy list of resolutions for being the best version of yourself in 2018. Perhaps that involves a gym membership, a new juicer, or a subscription to one of those healthy meal prep boxes. If you’re hoping to lose weight and get ...
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