Restorative Dentistry 101

General dentistry, the most common form of dentistry, is primarily concerned with providing treatments which prevent oral complications. When you get your bi-annual teeth cleaning and checkup, or when you have a cavity filled, those are considered general dentistry procedures. While general dentistry is important, sometimes complications occur regardless, causing tooth decay, damage, and even ...
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Can Red Wine Protect Your Teeth?

For the past decade, red wine has become somewhat a fad in the research world. Many institutions have developed several studies showing the positive effects it can have on your heart, and colon, claims that have come into question recently. Now, it seems, red wine might also be good for your teeth and gums, due ...
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Will We Soon Say Goodbye to Fillings?

Dental fillings have been around for a long time. So long, in fact, that it’s hard to say with confidence when and where they were first used. In 2010, Archaeologists discovered fillings made out of beeswax in a cave near Trieste, Italy, estimated to be about 6500 years old. Other discoveries date the filling back ...
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Bacteria, the Oral Health Edition

Only within the last decade have scientist begun to pay more attention to the bacteria present in our bodies. Known as the “microbiome,” the human body has communities of bacteria that outnumber human cells 10 to 1. Despite being so small, if all our bacteria was collected and placed into a bucket, it would weigh ...
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